2Rabbit Brewery


“craft beer branding based on the Aztec god “Ometotchtli”or “Two Rabbit” part of the folklore tale of the drunken 400 rabbit kings. Designed to reflect the playful, partying lifestyle of this story and position its personality in the craft beer market”


The use of the folklore tale in this beer branding design creates and interesting starting point. It’s always great to be able to anchor a brewery or beer brand to a person, place or thing. With the thousands of beer brands out there, having something deeper behind the design or brand that you can dive into with the beer will always help you get closer to your beer drinking audience.

The playfulness in these designs really show. The offbeat shape and rhythm of the 2 Rabbit logo mark strengthens the fun look and reflects how a rabbit might bounce around. The white space around the front of the label really helps keep the overall design clean and enforces the branding of the logo and colors of each beer type in the series. The use of color on the labels helps keep the design theme tight while keeping the brand design strong.






DESIGN BYKieran Taylor