Willy Wonka And The Label Factory – A Tale of 575 Craft Beer Labels


“This was an event for the grand opening of the new location of the brewery in Cape Canaveral, FL for the Florida Beer Company. To fill the guestlist we reached out to both the press to help spread the word and also to locals who were the best regulars according to the managers at some of the surrounding bars.

We decided to do a Willy Wonka style invite and surprise these guests by finding out their names and then giving them their invitation, which is designed on the back of the label, when they are at the bars. The guests were totally surprised, shocked and happy.

The name system was to give them something that felt legendary and also had some form of alliteration to keep it fun and unexpected.”
– Chris Ladwig



That’s all we can really say. Wow. Okay, we can say more…

575 is a lot of anything, that’s a lot of pennies, beans, inches or feathers. It’s hard to wrap our head around DESIGNING 575 labels for a single event. I would say that is totally crazy, but sometimes the reason is enough to justify the work.

This is a great tactic for a promotion and especially for a brewery opening. The research going into gathering the list of names and then designing these label invites knowing that these people are going to be totally surprised is pretty exciting.

You would think that Chris might start repeating himself after designing so many of these, but they are all unique. Although completely unique, they all fit within the same color palette so that when you look at the larger picture, you can see how the branding works.

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DESIGN BY: Chris Ladwig



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