Ballistic Brewing



DESIGN BY: Stranger & Stranger





Stranger & Stranger’s graphic design work focuses on the alcoholic beverage industry. They have a classic, yet wonderful style that should grace any higher shelf bottle. Looking over their portfolio makes me thirsty.

You can do anything with packaging design nowadays where in most cases before a bottle of beer looked like a bottle of beer, a bottle of wine looked like a bottle of wine and a bottle of liquor looked like a bottle of liquor. It’s great to have those awesome established styles, but I think it’s even more wonderful to have new “cross-over” styles coming out and also the “whatever goes” design work that’s now acceptable on any bottle.

The Ballistic Brewing branding has a great balance of old and new. Intricate lines and ornamental touches border the label that create a vintage etched look. Sitting inside of those frames is a much bolder illustration consisting of smooth lines and shapes and an overall bolder style of illustration that’s more today’s style. The design for these beers combined new and old style design elements in a very cohesive way that would nearly go unnoticed.