Bellwoods Brewery


An eclectic mix of label designs create a very interesting collection and branding for Bellwoods Brewery. No two labels are similar. Like, not even close. In this branding, that ends up working in its favor because of its uniqueness, quality of work, visual awesomeness and great variety. Branding like this takes a special vision and doesn’t always work.

In most cases branding for a brewery or collection of beers is best created by having a unifying theme. Often that branding is created through a cohesiveness of color, typography, size or shape of labels or through a repeated pattern or frame of sorts. In the case of Bellwoods branding, 95% of this doesn’t apply. Besides the brewery logo appearing on all of the labels (usually not very prominently) the branding is created by the eclectic collection.

Basically, the brand IS the fact that all of these labels are crazy, weird, different and not what you might typically think of a beer label brand.

(Bonus thing here, these are all great posters. Great for merchandise sales)

This style of branding doesn’t always work! Most of the time this style really only works well when you have a large collection of beers and labels. Not only does it require a large collection, the artwork has to be memorable and awesome. Having 2 or 3 beers with scattered and mediocre design work, consider your branding out the window.

The style of these labels take on vintage posters in a variety of ranges from Art Deco of the 20’s and 30’s to advertisement styles from the 50’s and 60’s. Vintage stuff is cool, sometimes more so than the new school stuff. It’s proven to have been a hit of the past, that’s why it is still around. There is also an interesting feeling you get around the vintage vibe (even cooler when paired with beer). You can get the feeling of your parents or grandparents pulling up to a brewery on an old Triumph motorcycle, wearing leather jackets and scarves, walking up to the bar and cracking an ice cold bottle of beer.








DESIGN BYDoublenaut  |  Design and illustration by: Matt & Andrew McCracken