Blue Blood Brewing Co


DESIGN WORK BY: Swanson Russell
Jon Lundeen – copywriter
Cameron Nelson – designer (10-series cans)
Matt Anderson – designer (LOGO)
Ryan Holt – art director/designer (Main Line Cans/Poster/Coaster)
Greg Wiley – creative Director

…Started by a retired police officer and a couple of other active police officers. Each beer they created they wanted to have a story around it that applied to a friend of theirs that was on the force so most of their main line has a number assigned to the beer which is the badge number of the person that beer is about.

…we guided them into a more consistent brand that served them better in the retail space as well as building their brand story to be as strong as the origin of their company.

– Ryan Holt

Not all breweries have a substantial history or foundation that their beers are based from. It’s definitely not a bad thing to just have an awesome brewery because, but it’s pretty cool when you can talk about a history and story behind your brews. I think it’s great that each of these beers is in honor of a fellow officer.

The can designs all have a very clean look and the beer name and brewery logo are very prominent without being dominant in the design. The white lines encapsulate the logo and create neat little compartments for the informational copy to reside in. There is a nice little addition on the back of the cans that includes a unique icon/graphic that accompanies the name and story of that beer.

The branding for these beers was handled nicely. The logo is very prominent without being overbearing. The use of colors to distinguish the beers in the series is great.