Bottle Logic Brewing


Bottle Logic Brewing

DESIGNED BY: Josh Emrich


Bottle Logic is just one beer brand in the design portfolio of Josh Emrich. Josh has an incredible portfolio of beer branding work and Bottle Logic is just one great example. We could happily showcase all of the brands he has done here.

The beer branding is based on a vintage style heavily pulling from scientific and sci-fi themes. The logo mark features a vintage light bulb and cleverly uses a beer bottle inside of the bulb for the filament. The type choice and colors used throughout the branding do a great job of reflecting the vintage theme. Backing the science theme, the growler bottles and their labels look like they come straight out of a science lab.

Each series of beers takes on a different look while still carrying elements of the main Bottle Logic branding. It’s a pretty nice way to showcase different series of beers by having them feature a unique style. There are some notes below from Josh telling a bit more about each. Hope you enjoy!


Keg Collar



Bottle Logic is a scifi/inventor-themed brewery in Anaheim, CA. My father is a power engineer, so I was able to get my hands on some great inspiration: old manufacturing plates, operator’s manuals from the 60s, lab ware, etc.



Bottle Logic’s Cold Classic series. The type and illustration is based on vintage pulp novels covers and sic-fi movie posters.





Double Actuator is part of the Hoptomotron IPA Series. Each beer in the series will feature a part of the Hoptomotron robot. Eventually Bottle Logic will release a monster IPA with the completed robot.




Recursion IPA is the first release in Bottle Logic’s Induction series, which will feature vintage comic book-style art.