Brewers Association Mid-Year Stats



This one is a little out of the main focus of this website, but we really feel like the incredible and sustainable growth of craft brewing directly relates. People are wanting good beer and that is wonderful. More breweries are popping up all over and, for the most part, most of them are successful. With all this growth, there is still competition (probably even more now) and one of big ways for a brewery to stand out is its visual presence and branding.

There’s LOTS of beer out there now and people are getting more access to these beers. We feel like the culture around craft beer is not only the crazy exciting beers that these incredibly talented brewers are making, but also the fun and funky branding and design work that showcases these breweries. Everything from how the interior and exterior of the brewery is designed all the way to what is on the inside of the bottle cap makes a big difference on how a brewery is represented in this market.

We put together this infographic outlining the incredible data that the Brewers Association has gathered. Hope you enjoy! Brew on!