Brouwerij Okie



First layer printed – Classic Crest laid paper. We started with yellow and added red to get a range of colors. There were several different lock ups of the first B background layer – 100% all antique wood type. We wanted each label to be as unique as the rare special brewing of this beer – the first they brewed in their Tulsa facility.

– Sharon Braun Hutton

Letterpress and wood block printing gives a great natural texture and look to a printed design. These labels have that handmade look to them, a heavy textured paper with ink that almost seems like it still might be wet. Not everyone has access to letterpress printing (in some cases, don’t have the budget), but if you do it’s a great way to create a tactile and often unique look.

These labels have an essence of modern Swiss design that is most definitely a solid classic style. The solid black typography laid over the larger “B” on each label create interesting layouts. Spacing, orientation and letter sizing give each label a unique rhythm and look to it.







DESIGNED BY: Sharon Braun Hutton