CDNbandbeer – A hashtag and design series that came to life



Unless you’re a brewery, it’s not often that a joke becomes an actual series of beers, let alone 4 specialty beers created by 4 breweries. That’s exactly what happened here. A joke on a CBC Music broadcast led to a popular hashtag that trended and caught some attention. The joke was spoofing Canadian band names into beer styles or names. Designer Ben Didier came back to the radio station after a vacation and saw the popularity of this spoof and took it one step further. He designed a series of beer labels based on some of the best spoofs and they posted the work to their radio blog.

“When the labels were published on our site Grant threw to the blog post on air and themed a show around the designs. It turns out that Old Yale Brewing listened to CBC Radio 3 at the brewery and when Grant suggested some of these should actually be made on air, since the labels were ready to go, Old Yale got in touch and started the ball rolling. Eventually it became a set of 4 limited run bomber bottles: 4 bands, 4 beers, 4 breweries. In the spirit of craft beer we decided to keep it local, so all the breweries and bands were from BC.”

– Ben Didier

Ben did a great job creating this series. The large black area with the white line-work on the labels is very reminiscent of a black board and chalk drawings. Keeping a consistent layout and utilizing a strip across the bottom of the labels containing the breweries logo helps tie the branding of the series together.

What a fun story! It’s not too often that you get to create specialty brews in this kind of fashion.










DESIGN BY: Ben Didier – Pretty/Ugly Design