Fourth Ward Brewery


Brand and Identity for start up brewery in Charlotte, NC. The brewery was conceived as a nano-brewery. The concept was to create a brew in the heart of Charlotte that would be served exclusively at the brewery itself. It was to be very destinational and inspired by, and tied to its Charlotte roots and its location in Fourth Ward. Although the branding is completed and approved, the potential opening of the brewery is in question as of summer of 2014.
– Matt Stevens


A great script type most often makes for a great logo mark. This one is no different. One exciting thing about the Fourth Ward branding is the diversity of logo marks designed to use in the system. Each has a very unique look and would fit in well for different uses. With such a diverse use of logos, it would be interesting to see how the brand plays out in more “real world” situations.

Printed bottles in the design system are always nice. Special challenges can come from not having a solid background to design on like in the case of paper labels. Sure, it’s a challenge, but it can also give some wonderful results in the openness of the design. The bottle designs here do a great job of tying all the branding elements together. When all the bottles are set together, you can really see where each logo mark fits, and how they work together.








DESIGN BY: Matt Stevens