MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co




DESIGN BY: Levon Travis Sharrow


The MacKinnon Brothers had an earnest idea to craft a homegrown brand and a range of beers brewed from ingredients grown on their 200 year old family farm.

– Levon Travis Sharrow

With over 200 years of farming heritage behind us, we use the hops, wheat and barley grown right here on our farm to brew beer which is emboldened with the unique character or rural Canada. We do this so beer patrons everywhere can share in the taste and tradition of our farm,

MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co.

Levon took part of this team to create this brewery and contributed his skills for the brand name, identity, writing and graphic design. The design work and branding needed to establish the visual identity of this farm that was long established and had deep history with the family.

The MacKinnon brothers decided to add a brewing element to the family farm and planted hops and barley in the fields. They also took century old barns and renovated them to house the brewing equipment for this brewery.

The visual identity uses colors and illustrations that reflect a timeless look. The colors used on the can designs feel like they could be metals forged in an old blacksmith shop. The illustrations have a pen and ink style that was used in old newspapers, magazines or advertisements and help tie together a look and brand to represent the history of the farm.

As pictured, the team created the tap handles in their shop. The use of colors and illustrations on the handles carries over the branding from the cans. It’s a great touch seeing the tap handles set next to each other to complete one full illustration. Separated from each other, the sections of the illustration would provide an interesting visual texture to each, but together make the whole picture.