No-Li Blackfill




The latest bottle I designed for No-Li’s special small batch Barrel Aged Stout, Blackfill. Only 1247 bottles were produced. All were hand labelled, signed by a brewer, and the brewery hand-dipped all of the necks in wax.

– Riley Cran

Here is another small run specialty branding for a barrel aged beer from No-Li Brewhouse. These specialty series are be great because extra attention can be given to the details of the label and bottle design that gives them something extra. Getting ahold of a small batch brew like this can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Riley has done a great job at creating a unique brand for No-Li (you can see more here). Blocks or compartments that consist of beer information, name or graphic details stack together to create a distinctive look.

The barrel detail with extended lines turning into an ornate graphic is pretty clever. At first glance you would just think it is an ornamental image until you look a bit closer and see the barrel in the middle. That’s a nice touch that ties directly into the special barrel aged beer.

Other warm and fuzzy details include the hand dipped bottle necks and the brewer’s signature. It’s the special little details like these, done by hand, that can make a beer more personal and unique.