Odell Brewing Co.



DESIGN SUPPORT: David Carlson – Gearbox Design

Odell was inspired to revitalize the brand, and tbd realized an opportunity to better communicate the superior quality of Odell’s handcrafted beer with innovative packaging designs and support materials. We crafted a brand strategy based on an authentic spirit of sharing found in the home brewing culture—a spirit that Odell still cultivates as they grow.

With the introduction of the new packaging, Odell’s year-over-year sales increased significantly, even while taking a price increase. The community of Odell fans also continues to grow, as evidenced by social media engagement, some of which is in direct response to conversations about the packaging. And every once in a while, a fan expresses their love for the packaging with remarkable fervor: as a tattoo.

– tbd

The design work for Odell Brewing Co. was a collaboration effort that brought in many talented folks and ended up in a beautiful brand. The idea of the illustrations, lettering and an overall hand-crafted look really works great for Odell Brewery and reflects their hands-on approach. Mona Caron created beautiful illustrations and the tbd agency was able to create hand lettering for the packaging that made an overall cohesive style.

The use of colors, uncoated paper, lettering and illustration style really do give this branding a very warm and hand-made look.  The shape of the illustrations works perfectly when it’s used as the feature graphic on the labels then is carried over to the sides of the 6-pack carriers. Keeping the same illustration on the front of the carriers allows for the paper to show through and created an area to give some description to the beer and brewery. Color was one of the strong elements used to create the branding for the brewery, but it is not overpowering. All of the elements used together is really what set the tone for breweries design.

It’s nice to hear that a great design like this provided an increase of sales for the brewery. For all those breweries that work tirelessly to create amazing brews, it’s really important that your visual brand reflect that hard work.