Old Rake



“For the three beers with different types of tastes, I’ve designed three characters. Figure of dark beer is the old miner, figure of red beer is an old wood cutter and the figure of the white beer is an old fisherman.

I tried to design three through-going old rakes, who bear in their appearance that they are masters of drinking beer, but they are trained soldiers.”


The similar figures illustrated between these different beers give a great cohesiveness in the branding concept. All following a wonderful loose and “shakey” style, these illustrated figures give a depth of character that make them less static. The similarity between the characters aids to tying the brand of the beer packaging all together while keeping each label fresh and unique.

We also love the thought of the different characters representing each type of beer. An old miner reminds us of old dirty workers coming out of a mine all black from coal dust. The lumberjack is very classically reminiscent of red flannels, red beards and of course trees that represent the red beer well.





When all put together, these three beer labels create a wonderful, fun and colorful beer branding concept.

DESIGN BYBakonyi Peter