We The People



Packaging design for a limited edition four-pack beer sampler being brewed in the White House. This fictional brand draws inspiration from the historic documents on which the nation is founded on. Similar to how these documents are displayed in the National archives, the packaging is meant to be utilized as a display case.

– Michelle Wang

Sometimes it is the simple black lines and text on a stark white label that really grab your attention (the beautiful wooden display box doesn’t hurt either). We The People gets a boost in branding in a couple of ways that ends up working really well. The visual design of the label very much resembles an old document and the torn edge on the top of the label give it an old feeling that represent the Constitution. The design represents those details very well so it’s hitting the mark on branding for the White House. The second kick on the branding of these beers is that it highly resembles scotch, bourbon or brandy bottles. You might think that would not be a good thing, but if these bottles were stacked with all the other craft beers on an aisle, it would immediately draw your attention. That’s definitely one goal of your craft beer design, to get attention.




DESIGNED BY:  Michelle Wang