Seattle Cider Co



“Seattle Cider Company is Seattle’s first cidery to hit the scene since the prohibition. We were honored to be a part of the project from the start, developing the Seattle Cider visual brand and designing the tallboy cans, 22oz bottles, and tap handle. We also created a unique, responsive website to help draw the attention that this company deserves.”
– dei creative

What really caught us about this design was the can. Maybe it was the word “Seattle,” but it has many visual appearances of a good iced coffee beverage. Now, don’t take that as a bad thing and it’s not meant to be a dig, there are some very classy and high-end coffee designs out there! The clean sans-serif type in all caps, plenty of white space, muted and elegant colors all make this a great branding design.

The hexagon logo mark has been a popular mark in design for awhile, but the implementation here with the subtle white mountain top really makes good use of the shape for this brand. This logo is strengthened when presented with the mountain scenery on the companies website. The tree line along the bottom of the can is a nice way to tie in the wilderness look to the branding as well.








The specialty brew bottle stands out from the others by using more color, but still keeping a clean a simple look. The big bold color really makes it stand out from the other labels signifying it’s importance or difference from the others. Using a custom cut top to the label adds a special touch to the design and fits in well by mimicking the shape of the logo.



DESIGN BY: Maddy Porter

WORK COMPLETED AT: dei creative