Sierra Nevada – Brewery Chalk Art


…on the creative side of the project, they just wanted to show some of the ‘behind the scenes’ of beer making and to include some of the machinery etc.
The whole piece was done freehand by myself over 3 weeks. The size of the mural was 1600 sq ft and created using only Sharpie China Markers with the aid of scaffolding.

– Ben Johnston

Sierra Nevada is legendary in the craft beer game and they have been in the process of opening a new brewery location in North Carolina. Looking for some special finishes to the interior walls, they invited artist Ben Johnston to do some chalk style murals.

Sierra Nevada posted a little behind the scenes progress post that included pics and a short video of Ben doing his chalk art in the new brewery. For any brand, no matter what size, it’s a really nice touch to invite people behind the scenes and show some personality to your company. Allowing people inside to show them the people and work that goes into making their beer and run the brewery they love, only strengthens the connection with that brand.

Ben is a very skilled at hand lettering and the freehand work he did here shows it. It can be nerve-racking doing anything freehand as it becomes an “anything goes” situation and can leave room for error. With enough practice, skill and experience, these feelings subside as you become confident in your craft.

Doing something this large, especially freehand, is a big challenge. Not only does it take time, but there is lots of room for error. When you are working so close up to the artwork, it’s easy to loose the scale and proportions of the art you are working on. It’s pretty incredible to see Ben on the scaffolding bending over, sitting on the rails and leaning over to draw these large murals.











DESIGNED BY: Ben Johnston


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