Sol Beer Chalk & Paint


The Advertising Agency Talent from São Paulo (Brazil) hired me to create two handmade posters for the Mexican beer SOL. One with chalk lettering and the other with sign painting, which was a great challenge because I didn’t have sign painting experience. I sent the original pieces to the agency and their team added the beer bottle and finished the ad pieces and the great TV AD.

– Jackson Alves

We recently featured Ben Johnston and his Sierra Nevada chalk art, but we are going to feature another chalk piece again today. Not only is it a great design piece, but we also love seeing behind the scenes work that goes into great design. We hope that you enjoy seeing the process that goes into these too, let us know what you think!

Both of the chalk and painted posters here really show great balance in visual weight and and color. The bottle centered in the image really pops off the background (ok, we just used ‘pops’) but does not leave the rest of the lettering work behind. It’s just enough balance between the foreground product photo and the design around it.

Both pieces have a different style of lettering used for the different lines yet they look really similar. That can be tough to pull off, you really have to go back-and-forth between each to see the differences. It’s great to be able to have that kind of balance visually that even though the two pieces are different, they visually look alike.

It almost seems crazy that Jackson didn’t have sign painting experience! The piece came out great and we wouldn’t have any idea on the lack of experience unless Jackson mentioned it. Good stuff.













DESIGNED BY: Jackson Alves