“In 1995, when we first took hold of our historic Gastown brewpub location, we discovered that the building had a rare steam heat system. A remnant from forward thinkers of a century past.

Our brewmaster had only read of steam powered brewing, but had never seen a functional steam brewery. These are very rare indeed. We ventured forth, experimented, and created a one-of-a-kind steam generated brewery. The only one in Canada.

To our pleasure, we found our test brews to be distinctively fresh and flavourful.

For nearly 20 years, beer aficionados have been migrating to our SteamWorks brewpub for a taste of these unconventional beers. Now, with the advent of our bottled beers, you can take the brewpub experience home with you.”

– Steam Works Brewery


Steamworks Brewing Company operates one of Canada’s original brewpubs in the historic Gastown part of Vancouver, BC.

This year, they decided to expand the reach of their impressive craft beers by introducing bottled and canned packaging. The firm also built a state of the art brewery to accommodate for the impressive surge in demand for their beers.

The packaging celebrates iconic buildings and structures of the region, that have been both repurposed, and steampunked. A unique, signature design style that clearly belongs to Steamworks Brewing. And while we love to be creative, the ultimate measure of our success is in the sales that these designs have generated for our client. Suffice it to say that Steamworks Brewing has experienced one of the most successful brand launches in the Canadian marketplace, and the brewery is already requiring major expansion to meet demand.

– Brandever

With such an interesting background behind the steam powered brewery, the history of Vancouver (previously called Gastown), sawmills, railroads and of course the seaport, a steampunk style design makes perfect sense for the brand.

The beautiful illustrations are full of detail and line work that has the feeling of etchings and also fit the style of the steam powered days of old. The style of steampunk using lots of mechanical parts with gears and copper parts gives the design a very industrial feeling to the branding.

Another great feature of this design is the use of printed bottles instead of solid paper labels. By doing this, all of the steam visuals along with all of the other details get wonderful depth and interest by being able to see the copper bottles and rounded glass. As you rotate the bottle, you get a skewed visual of the printed design on the opposite side adding to a deep layered look as you peer passed the design on the front.






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DESIGN BY: Brandever