This limited edition is produced and used exclusively during the launch party of the Swing brewery. The label is composed of strips of different coloured birch that criss-cross to represent the blend of cultures that make up Quebec’s identity today. The information was printed on a label then attached by a braided twine made up using the traditional colors of Quebec’s arrow belt.

The commercial packaging has been specially designed to highlight the bottle. Additionally, the objective was to minimize the amount of cardboard used in order to promote efforts that are deemed eco-friendly. The packaging information is located on a label, similar to the main one, found on the back of the bottle.

– Simon Langlois


By using unique letterforms and materials to make the packaging, Swing was definitely able to create a standout product that represents its local history. It’s always exciting to see new and unique materials used to create packaging. The minimalist and natural cardboard carrier, wooden beer labels and tied description labels create a very special and unique brand.

It can be hard to create a set of unique letterforms that both represent any certain topic and maintain legibility. Swing was able to pull of a feeling and look of the Native American petroglyphs while keeping it very readable. The use of the tree for the “I” that is carried out throughout the branding is a really nice touch.

Using materials other than the traditional paper or printed ink bottle packaging is one great way to strengthen your branding. Something like this that has a different touch and appearance will be memorable to your audience.






DESIGNED BY: Simon Langlois