Underground Beer Club



“Underground Beer Club” is a project that linked the best producers of craft beer Uruguay.

To conquer a wider audience they launched a new pack with a great selection of beers, it is a combination of styles especially designed for beginners and learning about the world of craft beers.

To make this work we decided that each label must have an illustration to tell us something of the taste and the story. We believe that good beer is a time to share and discuss and our labels wanted to be part of the conversation.

– Mundial


The Underground Beer Club, besides having an awesome name, is a great design series for these beers. The white paper wrapping is just translucent enough to let the beer label show through in a way that creates an enticing presentation. Much like gift wrap, these invite you to pick up a bottle and unwrap it to see what’s hiding inside. The bold visuals that stand off of the simplistic label are a great background to sit behind the white wrapping.

On of the great things about this branding is that the illustration in the center is the highlighted feature between each beer. Since these labels are so wonderfully simplistic, these illustrations stand out well and are a great way to get the different beers to stand out from each other while keeping a cohesive set.

It’s a great idea to create a series of beer that is meant for educating beginning craft beer drinkers. The idea of the illustration for each beer type relating directly to that style of beer and its history is a great idea.