Upland Brewing Co



The re-branding campaign is exhaustive, beginning with a new logo and branching out to include new packaging for eight of Upland’s most popular beers (with more likely to follow), as well as new signage, marketing materials, collateral and even tap handles.

The goal of the new look was simple: to capture the quality, culture and spirit that make Upland—and its community—unique. The hand-crafted nature of the beer is reflected in the extensive use of hand-lettered type and illustrations, whether in the distinctive hills logo, or in the packaging and related materials.

The personality of the company, meanwhile, comes through in the descriptions of each beer that accompany the illustrations (Dragonfly IPA: “Just the right amount of bite”), as well as a longer story about each beer on the bottom of its carrier.

BMD Design has a great style to their design work that brings in ink and paint textures paired with wonderful illustrations and lettering. Carrying this style over to the Upland Brewing re-branding creates a great visual presence and cohesive branding. Sometimes it can be great to have a blank canvas and start fresh with a re-branding project, but it can also be a daunting task at times. It takes a lot of thought and planning to create a large set of graphics and packaging that all fit together to create a new and unique brand.

The illustrations are all bold, balanced and each bring a nice style of lettering. You can see how well they all work together in the black and white versions of the logos. These logos are transitioned nicely to color and implemented well in the packaging set. The bold colors chosen for the label and box backgrounds match the style of the logos, but also help reinforce the unique branding.

All together, the hand craftiness, bold colors, heavy textures and lettering create a great re-branding for Upland Brewing.














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